After just one class with Sarah, my impression was that she is wise beyond her years. She is meant to teach yoga. She makes every class playful while still staying professional. Her outlook on living a mindful life shines through her teachings as she encourages her students to “take your yoga with you”. -Lynn S.

I really enjoyed Sarah’s yoga class! I appreciate her lighthearted nature as she made yoga fun and reminded me to not take myself too seriously. It helped to get me out of my head. She also helped to instill positive meditative messages that I could take forward into my day. Along with all that I got a great stretch and a workout. Will definitely be coming back for more! -Jamie C.

Sarah Alai has a gentle, loving spirit. Her love for yoga is apparent from the moment she rolls out her mat and her friendly and encouraging attitude is inspiring. I recommend her classes to brand new students, experienced yogis and everyone in between. -Kelly B.

Sarah’s passionate and caring nature shines through in her style of Yoga. She is generous with her time and will give you individual attention. Her class was calming and felt open and unrehearsed. My joints feel much better. -Carl B.

You can’t find a better combination of excellence in teaching and just plain fun. Sarah is a perfect balance of everything one could want in a yoga studio, and makes everyone feel at ease, no matter what their level. She offers yoga as it was meant to be taught: with respect for tradition, pure energy, humbleness, and humor. -Karen C.
I have fibromyalgia and Sarah custom-made a practice for me. She always made sure that I was comfortable. She guided me to be aware of the sensations of my body, which is usually unpleasant for me with chronic pain, but with her it was a knowledgeable and relaxing experience.

Sarah brings a light and loving spirit to the mat. Her joy and playfulness in introducing new and challenging poses gives one permission to attempt with total belief that a pose that has never been attempted is within reach. I am a more cheerful and carefree person after her classes. -Rebecca W.